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What Our Rockstars Say!

"Hi Ben - I just wanted to thank you so much again for inviting Julianna to perform at Lola’s on Saturday. We all had a fun evening and really enjoyed your performance. I have been teaching myself to play guitar so was watching/listening from a slightly different angle this time. Wow!!! Really amazing!
I really cannot express the tremendous impact that these oppurtunities have had on Julianna. I appreciate the fact that your work does not stop at building music skills (which is awesome in itself); it opens the door to finding confidence, direction, a sense of oneself and so much more. THANK YOU!"

"I became a student of Benjamin "Benoir" Metzger a little over a year ago having never take a music lesson, except Mrs. Reilly’s music class in 3rd grade began guitar lessons with Ben. I now can read music and play guitar, my wife exclaims your making music! Ben is both gentle and firm I highly recommend him for any age group. I am 69 years old."

"I have no doubt that [Benoir] and Studio Noir have been the catalysts on Lila's continuous focus on her music. Your guidance with the piano has allowed her to continue to practice on her own, and to develop her craft, which last year got her into Laguardia High School, for voice.
[His] weekly support and recordings give her material to put her music into the digital space, and the performances [Ben] organize keep her active with a live audience, as her skills improve.
Finally, ]Ben's]care and emotional support fill in all the spaces in between, the moments when she feels discouraged or losing interest. And we see [him] doing the same with the kids, and adults, in our community, again and again. I know Lila is so appreciative and thankful to [Benoir]. And I too, thank [him] very much for everything, both as a parent, and as a friend."

"We love Studio Noir! My older kids have taken lessons for fun, and for Nyssma. Ben is very professional and an excellent musician. He comes highly recommended from the Bradley Family"

"I met Benoir about 5 years ago, when I was still a closet musician (or should I say “closet songwriter” since I could really only play the ukulele when I met him). When I moved down to Long Beach in September of 2016 I had my heart set on starting a career in music but I had no idea where to begin. That’s when the musical gods answered my prayers and blessed me with the opportunity to study under Benoir and learn his method. And I have to say, the pressure was really on. Before I knew it, I was not only up on stage performing my original songs, but within a year I was teaching alongside him on instruments I never thought I’d be able to play in my life. And the longer I’ve worked with him, the more I realize I’m not alone. I’m surrounded by musical geniuses who are all products of Ben’s teaching method, and I’m constantly blown away by the progress I see in his students. There’s a quote that says “every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story” and Benoir is that adult in so many peoples lives (kids and adults), including mine! His belief in me has made me believe in myself, and that’s a gift I will cherish for a lifetime."


1028 W Beech St. (Bk Entrance)
Long Beach, NY 11561