Studio Noir News

Happy 2020 Studio Noir Family!

We are so excited to pop off this year with you and want to keep you updated on our plans for this season. We heard your requests and more performance opportunities abound!

We have our annual Long Beach Ukulele Orchestra Recital at the LB Library on January 26th, 2020. 2pm show (2 sets w break) open to all ages / and there are 3 more rehearsals on Tuesdays to jump in on our beginner set (2nd set after break) Come support us by listening!


Our Landmark On Main concert was incredible and can be heard at
Thank you to those who supported the event, a fundraiser for
We hope more of you join our LB Uke Orchestra and return if interested, ukulele or other instruments, please contact Ben or Marina. Our sessions continue Tuesday nights at 7:30 and 8:30pm

January classes begin again this Sunday January 5th including the Jazztet program from 6 to 7pm.
Students interested in joining us are welcome. Group rates apply.

We are planning on an early evening / late afternoon recital on March 1st and April 5th for any students / bands who are ready to perform (which should hopefully include all of you!) Timing and location t.b.a. but they are both Sundays. This should lead us into the end of May with our participation in the Memorial Day Parade! We encourage our whole Studio Noir family to join the Ukulele Orchestra and march, sing, play percussion, horns, etc. Should be a great blast!

BILLING NOTE - Thank you all for a wonderful 2019! If Sammi hasn’t mentioned in other emails or called you yet, we are requiring a credit card to be on file so we may keep our financial records current with billing. This is a great opportunity to enroll in auto-pay too. No more wondering about how and if and what happened to that check I gave me daughter/son, etc. For us it means we can keep our employees happy and the landlord paid, etc. You know the deal! We have never once had an issue where someone explained to us that we over charged them and didn’t fix it, or anything like it. Sammi and I only ask that the fees be paid for in regarding to group tuition (Monthly Commitment) and 24 hour cancellation policies. You may not tell us the day of a lesson you cannot make it and expect a full refund or a make up lesson, we are just happily too busy to accommodate that request. The more time we can focus on teaching, planning events, and communicating with you all (and even getting a few minutes of down time to rest) the better our mutual experience will be. Thank you to those of you who have been punctual and cordial with your payments. Questions, please text / call us!

In February we hope to bring back the WEE ROCKERS program at Seaside Celebrations. Our website needs updating, so the old info is still there, but please be aware we hope to create a Saturday at 9:30am and Tuesday at 12:30pm class for wee ones! (Marina and Ben will co-teach with our staff) 2 years old and up, although it’s flexible. Perfect for home school moms. We are contemplating parent participation this time around, but have had great success with drop offs. Plenty to do nearby like run to Key Food, eat next door at Bungalow or take a walk on the beach and clear your mind! Parents need some down time too! We will begin collecting data on interested families. Please reach out to your friends too. Hand drums, shakers, sing-a-long songs, and a few ukuleles to share with the kids. Our programs have been implemented at the Rolling River Day Camp (2 years) and the Catalina Beach Club (1 year), and we will be returning to Seaside Celebrations with an ongoing program in February! Pricing t.b.a. It's been too long and we MISS YOUR LIL ONES!!!

We will also be offering group beginner guitar and group beginner ukulele classes at Seaside Celebrations. Some of our half hour private lessons will be asked to join the groups, so that we can offer a full hour and maximize our teachers’ time in going over the basics. We have been inspired by years of teaching, practicing group yoga, and contemplating how to best serve the community. I feel that this is the direction we must go in to get our students playing the instrument more and learning how to play with others successfully. Times and dates t.b.a. for February!

Please let us know about the above classes, dates, suggestions, we want your feedback! Happiness and Health to you all in 2020.


1028 W Beech St. (Bk Entrance)
Long Beach, NY 11561